The Project Management

This is one of the most beautiful explanations I have found on the web on why projects fail. Projects doesn't necessarily be software, but in software due to reduced visibility of output until later stages, combined with developer's isolation into sanctum sanctorum of their cubicles or offshore development centers, lead to this huge gap in understanding of the end user's wishes. Thanks to for the nice graphics.

1. This is how the customer explained it

2. This is how the project leader understood it.

3. This is how the analyst designed it

4. This is how the programmer wrote it

5. This is what the beta testers received

6. This is how the business consultant described it

7. This is how the project was documented

8. This is how the operations installed

9.This is how the customer was billed

 10. This is how it was supported

 11. Marketing advertised it as iSwing

 12. But this what the customer really needed

This is a classic and pretty popular cartoon explaining the loss of knowledge at each level of translation. I suggest to have at-least one person who understands the entire project, both the business side and technology side. If you don't have one, please don't start the project in the first place than than wasting resources.

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