How to become the Coolest Developer in the World

This is the review of the article I found during random browsing. It is an interesting article and I recommend every beginner pursuing a programming career should read this. One additional note I want to add, before even reading the article is that
How do you want to progress your career int he next 10 years? Do you want to be a developer and become an architect? or you would be interested in becoming a Manager? For the former the article is a good start and more stress you put on the best practices suggested to refine yourself as a very good developer and eventually an Architect over time. However if you want to be a manager, this article should be used as a guide to look at your own code and others but stress more on documentation, code review and communication skills. These skills will make you a better manager over time and the concepts in the article will help you evaluate the work of yourself and eventually others.

Happy Programming.