Digital Signage as a Service

Digital Signage is evolving fast and we are a inflection point where the print industry is going to take another hit. today's with prices of TVs dropping, and TVs getting thinner, lighter and bezel free, Industry is now ready to take on Posters, Shelf signs, way finders, and even cable TV in businesses.

lobbyTV, a Texas based technology startup, came up with solid business model to deliver content to inexpensive TVs using commodity hardware, and yet provide industrial quality reliability.

Few of the areas lobbyTV could disrupt are:

  • Art & Posters at restaurants - with the right selection of the TV, you can display beautiful art adjusting the ambience based the time, event and customer atmosphere. Arrival of wallpaper TVs is only going to accelerate this shift.
  • Fast Casual Restaurant Menus - the adoption is already accelerating in chains. Adoption is picking up in smaller restaurants too. Now then can publish their menus in a matter of minutes.
  • Event Centers - it is now standard to have digital signage for various purposes.