Geocoding Human Emotions - Next Big Disruptor?

Emotional State of Manhattan Streets
During my usual distracted google search, stumbled on the EEG again. That reminded me of the existence of OCZ NIA I bought in 2009 still in its original packaging sitting in my electronics boxes from my move to Texas last year. 
The technology of identifying human emotions has progressed lot and there are several new tools available. Google, Microsoft, Apple and several others have "Deep Learning" tools which can read emotional state of a large number of people walking a street and can provide real-time "emotional state" of an area. EEG can now be merely used as a validator. 
People can avoid "hot spots" and ride through "sweet spots." If this concept gets traction, implications to retail and urban planning are enormous. This technology has the potential for disrupting the retail market.
DuKorp, a startup founded by MIT graduates, is working on mapping of Manhattan. Check it out.
MapBox - Manhattan Emotional Code
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