Business Analyst should think like an Engineer

Software Development is more closer to research, not manufacturing. Sometimes it feels more closer to Custom Manufacturing, analogous to building a custom car and sometimes like building construction. Common aspects of all three areas are the low level assistants/works who do things done and also at least one person of the team should know every aspect final product. In building construction, the architect should know the properties of the building building blocks, like cement, strength of the steel and how much of each should be  used and what should be the minimum dimensions of support pillars before he starts thinking about it making it look fancy. For me as a buyer or sponsor of the building it would be Ideal to have 30 story building in Manhattan supported by only four helical tubes 2 inches in diameter. But architect should know that it is impractical with the available materials in the market.

When you put this in the context of software development this what you expect from the so called business analysts and supposed to have some experience in coding and understand the capabilities of the underlying platform. they can think like an engineer/architect