SharePoint Client Object Model

For the past month or so I have been struggling to get a proof of concept on using SharePoint 2010 Managed Client Object Model. to the frustration there are lot of posts out there but lacks the focus on basic operations you might perform like "get list of files and folders". After lot of hours of searching through Google I was able to put complete my PoC. So I thought of putting some useful links together, that will eliminate some lookups.

First: start with this article by Joost van Schaik. This a nicely summarized article that will show you how to work with document libraries (very specific).

If you are want to work with Lists, you can download some samples here. Praveen packaged these samples nicely so that you can download. Explanation for these samples is available on MSDN.

Second, for any any advanced queries one has to understand CAML. so might want to download these tools:

  • U2U CAML Query Builder Feature. This is a SharePoint version of the U2U CAML Query Builder tool. It is installed as a feature; developers can use it to build queries directly inside of SharePoint.
  • Stramit SharePoint CAML Viewer. This is a Windows-based application that is similar to U2U CAML Query Builder.

  • If you dont want to use CAML, but want to use LinQ to generate these CAML Queries, Camlex.Net is a great tool. You can even generate a CAML Query with U2U CAML Query Builder and convert it online to LinQ Queries at Camlex-Online. It is interesting that someone actually thought of this concept. It is very useful.

    Now that my PoC works, I will be working on this topic for at least another 6 months.