I don't like Apple

As a software developer on Microsoft Platform I tend to dislike Apple on moral & professional grounds. Some  reasons people love apple products:

  1. Apple has great products like iPod, iPhone, iMac, Mac Book, etc, which are very stable. If you look into to the details, My Windows 7 computer works lot better if I lock down everything, and say getting admin rights on the kernel is a violation of support agreement, windows is lot better. 
  2. Mac book is very stable and gives a long battery life. Really? I Dells gives me over 12 hours of battery life I only use Outlook and Browser. That's all what you use on Mac I believe.
  3. Mac doesn't get virus. For the people who don't know the history, PC viruses originally were developed on Apple Computers (in 1981) NOT on IBM PCs. Macs do get viruses even now.
Yes I still don't like Apple and the reason being I make a living designing and developing programs for Windows platform and on a daily basis we all use free services from Google. We cannot deny the fact that Microsoft is the basis of livelihood supported by Google or Microsoft (Bing, MSDN, etc) to gain constant knowledge. Even if you are an iOS developer, try living your professional life without Google or Microsoft. BTW, yahoo search was long dead. It is using Bing too. In an ethical sense apposing Google or Microsoft or wishing for the demise of these great supporters of software developers is equivalent of wishing yourself to go hell. I am NOT suggesting you to hate Apple. Hate is really bad. And I suggest not to develop hate for anything, including Apple, Google or Microsoft. I am merely suggesting, If you are software developer and your livelihood is not based on developing iOS applications, don't promote Apple. Don't buy an Apple device. I understand iPhone and iPad are really easy to use, but you never even tried an Android. Don't suggest someone else that Apple is Great and Windows is Crap. I have seen lot of people doing that, and they don't have any clue what they are talking. It is equivalent of cursing a lifeguard at the beach for not having a cell phone after saving you from drowning. It doesn't make sense on an ethical sense.
And on a side note, by every standard Windows 7 and Ubuntu are better operating systems than Apple OS X, and BTW if you don't know, Mac OS was retired in 2001. OS X is an adapted version of BSD Unix system and heavily uses open source code base from Unix and Linux systems.Yet shamelessly Apple rejects to support open source community. Just another reason why I don't like Apple.
For people who think they are part of this human society, go to sourceforge and download programs developed by the society and for the society. Help grow the society if you can, but please don't kill your own society.