Don't do it just because you can do it

Most people can think innovative and most of them even do hard work and only to end up in to frustration. One of the fundamental problem of most hard working people, especially in the technology industry tend to do lot things by themselves thinking "that is easy to do". Yes that is easy to do but when you do that consider the opportunities you are missing by keeping yourself occupied. 

One side of the argument start with what is possible.While lot of things are possible to do only some of them are plausible. Once, I started off developing a single point solution for the whole of company I worked for and wasted a lot of time trying to do it myself. My confidence is that I can do it. But the reality is that I can't. Only way I might have been successful is by hiring a team of people ad guiding them how to build it.Since the original Idea is mine and have full understanding (assuming) of what is required to do, I should have focused on getting it done the right way, Instead I setup myself for failure. Now focus on what is essential and finish it the right way. Don't do it just because it is possible. Do your homework.

Innovation is another side of possibility. Below picture shows what is possible, but is absolutely stupid to do something which you can do. Think about the picture below (Thanks for the innovation of it's creator).

And most important of all, Keep it simple. Try explaining it to your colleague or the sponsor what you are planning or going to do. Make sure you can explain it in one sentence what you are doing. If you really know and understand what you are doing you should be able to achieve this. If you cannot explain then there is a problem. Think seriously before trying to work on a project you don't understand in the beginning which you cannot explain simple enough. You might be setting yourself for failure.