Happy New Year - 2012

Hoping for a better New Year  - 2012

2011 has been the "Best" worst year. It is best with respect to nothing bad happened, and worst in the sense of nothing good happened either. Markets moved violently but closed for the year pretty much where they started. Dollar moved up and down but stabilized where we began. Gold took a roller coaster.. but reached it's starting point. Job market at times was scary, but ended up pacifying. Overall nothing changed much except the negativity in people's thinking, which is being reflected via media outlets. Political ground looked shaky, but every calmed down as we are approaching serious election season. almost all of the presidential candidates are now using softer tone.

Judgment day didn't happen on May 21 and world did not salvation on October 21.

Let us hope of a brighter positive 2012. BTW.. looking forward to see if the Judgement day will be on Nov 6 or Dec 21 2012?

In the mean time relax.. every thing will be fine... enjoy the New Year.

Wish You all an Exciting New Year.